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Since there was an overwhelming response to my last post, I'm going to change it slightly.

I'm collecting stories. I'm looking for the real stories from your lives. I would like to collect the funniest things that have happened to you. These could be conversations that you overheard, participated in, or situations that you were involved with. It doesn't have to do with anything in particular as long as it makes you laugh when you think about it.

This also counts for stories that make other people laugh when they think about it, even though it may make you cringe. In the spirit of friendship, I present the following story:

For my junior and senior years of college, I was the vice president of student government at IUP. Our office shared a wall with the office of the Black Student League and the NAACP.

One night, I was sitting in my office working on something useless. The gentlemen in the next office were laughing and shouting and having a great time, all of which I could hear through the wall. All of a sudden, one of the guys let out a violent sneeze and bolted out of the room, leaving his friends confused and wondering.

Several minutes later, the gentleman in question returns to the office with his head hung low. The others stopped and looked at him, waiting for an explanation, which he very kindly offered.

In the dead silence of the two rooms, I could hear his reply very clearly.

"So, I sneezed....and I shat myself."

If you would be so kind as to send me your own, I will post them if you like. Please e-mail them to story_collect@yahoo.com

Also, please repost this in your journal, or wherever you have posting access. If you don't want to help, perhaps someone will.

Thanks a bunch!
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